The Rotary Club


West Orange, NJ 

Founded 1928

            The Rotary Club of West Orange

                     Active Member List

                            2013 - 2014

Alevras, Christos K.                            Insurance/Financial Services

Bailey, Cynthia Hadley-                      Police Detective - retired

Brill, Megan E                                     Pest Control

Cappiello, Dr. Dorie A.                        Veterinarian

Cimo, Richard                                     Banker - Commercial

Cohrs, Christopher G.H.                     CPA - retired

Degnan, Peter J.                                 Real Estate - Commercial

Drill, David E.                                      Construction - Commercial

Dunst, Jeffrey                                      Insurance/Long Term Care

Ench, Frank J.                                     Roofing Contractor

Enginger, Edward                               Commercial Banking - VP

Garthe, Raymond W.                          Insurance

Ghebremicael, Tekeste                      Investor/Real Estate/Broker

Gibson, Thomas                                 Banking - retired

Gibbons, Kenneth                               CPA - Accounting

Hansen, Emil                                      Carpentry - retired

Harris, Gladys                                     Home Care Administrator

Hershon, Robbi                                   Audiologist

Horn, W. Donald                                 Restaurateur

Horn, Peter F.                                     Restaurateur

Huber, Dr. James                               Dentist

Jenkins, W. Fred, Jr. ***                     Diversity Consultant

Johnson, William                                Banking - Commercial

Karu, Michael H.                                CPA/Litigation Support

Kelly, Michael E., Rev. Msgr.             Catholic Priest

Lichtenstein, Dr. Gerald                     Education Administration

Mitola, George A. Sr. ***                    Meat Retailer

Nadelberg, Dr. William B.                  Chiropractor

O'Hara, Edward                                 Electrical Contractor

Panico, Amelia                                   Professional Photographer

Ricci, Peter T.                                     Architect

Saul, Matthew J.                                 Financial Advisor

Schlesinger, Brian R.                          Data Salesperson

Scholl, Mary G.                                   Insurance - property and casualty

Smith, James D., Sr.                           Banking - President

Stolz, Richard                                     Retail Baker

Tarnoff, Jerry P.                                  Superintendent of Schools - retired

Vena, Joseph A.                                 Lawyer - Land Use

Washco, Christopher J.                      Banking - Financial

Wise, John F.                                     Attorney - Bancruptcy

Ziegler, Dr. Karien                              Clinical Psychologist



*** deceased 2012-2013