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West Orange, NJ 

Founded 1928


The Four Way Test

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build good will and better friendships?

Will it be beneficial to all?



2005 - 2006

Taste of the World

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mayfair Farms

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2013-2014 West Orange Rotary President Christos K. Alevras

Meeting Place: Mayfair Farms

Friday, 12:15 PM Luncheon


2016-2017 OFFICERS

President:  Jeffrey Dunst
President Elect: Robbi Hershon, PHF
Vice President:  Cynthia Hadley-Bailey, PHF
Secretary:  Cheryl L. Crawford
Treasurer:  Rich Cimo, PHF
Past President:  John F. Wise, PHF

Board of Directors



Christos A. Alevras, PP, PHF

Jacqueline Limehouse

Peter Ricci, PP, PHF


2016 -2018

Joseph A. Vena, PP, PHF

Harvey Montague

Dr. Karien Ziegler, PDG, PHF



Msgr. Rev. Michael Kelly, PHF


President’s Advisor

Jerry Tarnoff, PP, PHF


On October 31, 2013, Halloween Night, the Rotary Club of West Orange participated at Turtle Back Zoo's Safe Howl-O-Ween Event.  Club members, dressed in costume, handed out thousands of pieces of candy to children as they walked the Zoo Trick-or-Treating.  A wonderful time was had by all.  Pictured left to right, Rotarians Karien Ziegler, Dorie Cappiello and Amelia Panico.

West Orange Rotary Club Holds Community Awards Luncheon at Mayfair Farms

by Cynthia Cumming

Alternative Press Article

Friday, June 21, 2013





JUNE 14, 2013



February 22, 1933 - May 23, 2013

Rest in Peace George.

In Memoriam……….

 George A. Mitola, Sr., PDG 07-08  
       Paul Harris Fellow         

 Perfect Attendance for 23 years, President 1999-2000

George was an outstanding member of West Orange Rotary since 1972 and gave selflessly of his time and skills, donating generously to many Rotary functions and programs.  He will be remembered for his generous nature, love of country, family and Rotary and his warm, inviting smile.


he hugely popular 9th annual Taste of the World Rotary fundraiser was held on Monday, February 25 at Mayfair Farms.  It was another major success for the West Orange Rotary Club.  This event is the club's biggest fundraiser.  All of the proceeds from this event fund most of the club's annual local and international service projects. 


We would like to thank all of the patrons who attended this event and we hope that you had a wonderful time.  We work tirelessly on this fundraiser to make it a better and better event every year.


We would also like to thank our sponsors and all of the restaurants, vendors and entertainment groups that donated their money, time, products and services to make this event a major success.




Rotarians (left to right): Christos Alevras, Dorie Cappiello, VMD, Jerry Tarnoff, PDG Karien Zielger, Dr. Jim Huber and Donald O'Dea prepare to give out free pumpkins and hot chocolate to children at the Liberty Middle School on Friday, October 26 for the Halloween festivities.

West Orange Rotary Holds Very Successful Food Collection Drive at West Orange ShopRite

By Dorie Cappiello, VMD
Mayor Parisi Supports West Orange Rotary's Food Collection Drives

On Sunday, September 23, the Rotary Club of West Orange held one of it's many food collection drives at the West Orange ShopRite in the Essex Green Shopping Plaza.

The club collected over $700 in cash donations as well as an entire van load of non-perishable food stuffs that were immediately donated to the Trinity Church Food Pantry in West Orange and kosher items were donated to a kosher food pantry in South Orange.

6 West Orange Rotarians plus friends and family members volunteered their time to collect the donations throughout the day. Mayor Parisi was there to support our efforts as well. Our new Exchange Student, Karl, who is from France and living with one of our own Rotary families, the Karus, was present to help collect donations. Karl is attending West Orange High School.

The Rotary Club of West Orange has been holding 3-4 food drives annually at the West Orange ShopRite since 1998.


2012 Installation Dinner - Thursday, June 28 at Mayfair Farms - Pictured left to right: Tekeste Ghebremicael, incoming 2012-13 West Orange Rotary President, being pinned by outgoing President, Edward Enginger, right, while past President Peter Ricci supervises. Amelia Panico Photography
2012 - 2013 Incoming West Orange Rotary Board, Back row left to right: Jerry Tarnoff, Jeff Dunst, Past President Edward Enginger, John F. Wise, Secretary, Tekeste Ghebremicael, President, Christos K. Alevras, President-Elect, Don O'Dea, Joseph A. Vena Front row: Peter T. Ricci, Robbie Hershon, Rich Cimo, Gladys Harris, Amelia Panico
Back Row: Tekeste Ghebremicael (President Elect 2012-2013), Michael H. Karu (Rotarian, Past President), Rick Gorab (Metro YMCAs of the Oranges), Dr Jeremy Goodman (Turtle Back Zoo Veterinarian and Director), West Orange Arts Council Member, Jeffrey Dunst (Rotarian), Christopher G.H. Cohrs (Past Rotary President), Michelle Casalino (accepting for P.A.L.). Kip Rowan (Friends of Edison National Historic Site) Front Row: Joseph A. Vena (Community Service Chairman, Past Rotary President), Rich Cimo (Rotarian), Debra Herr (WO First Aid Squad), Gladys Harris (Rotarian), Yolanda Sheffield-Williams (Camp Merry Heart), Lisa Adams (Mayor's Program for Individuals with Disabilities), WO Animal Welfare League representative, Sangeeta Badlani (The Nikhil Badlani Foundation) and Heidi Sussman (WO Arts Council)



On Friday, June 22, 2012, the Rotary Club of West Orange contributed a total of $11,000.00 to many local community service organizations.

These include the following:


Hazel Avenue School Rainbow Program

Camp Merry Heart for Disabled Children

Nikhil Badlani Foundation

Friends of Edison National Historic Site

West Orange Animal Welfare League

Metro YMCAs of the Oranges

Main Street Counseling Center

West Orange Police Athletic League (P.A.L)

Turtle Back Zoo South American Exhibit Benefactor

West Orange Scholarship Fund

Mayor's Program for Individuals with Disablilies

West Orange Arts Council

West Orange First Aid Squad

West Orange Community House


The Rotary Club of West Orange holds two or three major fundraisers during the year in order to raise money for all of the Community Service Awards, the Student Scholarship Awards as well as many other projects both local and international in scope.


The most important fundraiser is our Spring Annual Taste of the World event.  We also run a Super 50:50 Raffle and Super Golf Raffle as well as running the concession stand at the Town's July 4th Festivities and the Halloween Events.


When you buy a raffle ticket, purchase a Taste ticket or buy a hot dog and a soda on July 4 or at the Halloween Events, you are supporting YOUR local Rotary Club and we in turn, support YOU.  ALL Rotarians are volunteers and all profits go directly back to the community, the student in financial need and many international service projects throughout the world.


Please check out our VOLUNTEER and DONATE pages to see how you can help us continue our good work.  If you are interested in becoming a Rotarian, please go to our MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION page or contact us at:




2012 Scholarship Recipients with Rotary Scholarship Committee Back Row: Rotarians Edward Enginger and Dr. James Huber, Joyce Arowosaye, Joseph DiLorenzo, Brian Pouy, Dylan Lawrence, Matthew Lawlor, Peter Zipf, Christian Dayal and Rotarian Peter Ricci. Front Row: Rotarian Chris Cohrs, Carla Cirelli, Iman Abdul-Rifiu, Nicole Pouy, Cheliza Ligot, Emily Tran, Rachel Mendelowitz, Alexandra Dubinsky, Leticia Campiglia, Meaghan McCormick, Zachary Coppola and Rotarian Michael Karu

On Friday, June 15, the Rotary Club of West Orange held it's annual


ceremony at Mayfair Farms in West Orange. 

The club awarded a record $15,250 in scholarships to 15 students, all pictured above.  Qualifications require that eligible students must reside in West Orange but can attend any public or private high school and must be attending college in the Fall.  All of the students have graduated from West Orange High School except for Joseph DiLorenzo who graduated from Seton Hall Prep and Rachel Mendelowitz who graduated from Golda Och Academy. 


There were a few special scholarships named for Rotarians and family of Rotarians who have passed away.  The Walter Smith Memorial Scholarship was awarded to WOHS graduate, Meaghan McCormick.  Walter was a 50+ year member of the Rotary club.  The Rochelle Ricci Memorial Scholarship was awarded to WOHS graduate, Joyce Arowosaye.  Rochelle, who died in a motorcycle accident, was the daughter of Rotarian Peter Ricci.  And the Jeffrey  P. Korba Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Seton Hall Graduate, Joseph DiLorenzo.  Jeffrey was the grandson of 50 year + Rotarian W. Donald Horn before dying in an automobile accident 5 years ago.


WOHS graduates Matthew Lawlor and Leticia Campiglia received scholarships for Business Student and Foreign Language Student respectively.


If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships for your high school senior, ask the guidance office for an application for next year's awards.



On Saturday, May 12, the Rotary Club of West Orange and the Rotary Club of Chester/Long Valley held it's first ever joint bicycle collection at the Long Valley Middle School in Long Valley, NJ.

Members from both clubs volunteered to collect used bicycles and break them down to be shipped to Guatemala for

 Pedals for Progress,

 a 501c3 charity that ships used bicycles and sewing machines to third world countries.

32 used bicycles were collected as well as $330 that will be used to help defray the cost of shipping. Pedals for Progress founder, Dave Schweidenback, helped the clubs break down the bikes, which makes it cheaper and more efficient to ship them in containers.

Donating used bicycles to people in third world countries makes sense in more ways than one:

First, they need bicycles to get to school, work or create a business and therefore, a living for their families. These countries do not have the luxury of automobiles for the majority of their populations.

Secondly, we are keeping these bicycles out of our landfills and putting them to good use for an extended period of time.

Thirdly, by donating bicycles to these countries, they can build their economies around a simple and inexpensive mode of transportationand therefore, not use costly fossil fuels.  This reduces the overall pollution problem as well as the strain on the limited fossil fuel supply.


For more information on Pedals for Progress, go to:










2012 TASTE OF THE WORLD - EGAN AND SONS photo by Amelia Panico Photographers

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